Оptimisation of purchasing quality and price


Allows planning and placing video commercials using the united currency TRP — on TV, Smart TV and the Internet, creating a perfect split of these channels depending on media consumption of the specific target audience, and therefore allows to reach the customer in the right place at the right time.

Addressable TV

Tunes the appearance of commercials on Smart TV in specific households and makes it possible to purchase advertising tools based on rating points (using the CPP model). Partners to the project include Mail.ru Group and online cinema ivi.


A TV technology that allows building interactive elements into the conventional TV broadcast to interact with the target audience.

Aizek DSP

Traffic purchasing cost optimisation technology. More on Aizek.

Incremental Mobile

Allows for minimising the possible audience overlap in web and mobile placements. The statistic data from advertising campaigns run using Incremental Mobile have proved that the tool saves advertising budget. The solution has been developed in collaboration with Mail.Ru Group and Tiburon

Trigger by Arena

The platform is used for launching placements online, on regional TV and radio, and in DOOH in a prompt manner (as fast as 1 day). The placement launch technology is directly connected with a pre-set triggering event such as growth in seasonal disease occurrences, appearance of certain weather conditions, etc.

Automatic purchasing of TV and Digital: optimised placement 24/7

A component of Aizek platform. Directly connected with the suppliers’ inventory purchasing systems to maximise the quality of inventory bought (or reduce costs) using flexible purchasing strategies, including by monitoring the availability of advertising inventory around the clock. More about Aizek.

Precise targeting and data processing