Precise targeting and data processing

Telecom operators’ data

We utilise telecom operators’ data to analyse the behaviour of online consumers (both desktop and mobile), TV watching patterns, lifestyles, online and offline purchases. We perform targeting, analytics and attributive modelling.

Retail and fiscal operators’ data

Using retail and fiscal operators’ data makes it possible to perform various types of analysis of the audience’s consumption habits, attribute online and offline purchases, and utilise buyer targeting to maximise the efficiency of advertising contact with the audience.

WiFi analytics and attribution

WiFi data is used for building offline-to-online and online-to-offline analytics to perform online targeting for offline audiences. Measuring advertising effectiveness: what fraction of those who saw online advertising came to the shop.

Online targeting and analytics

We use out digital expertise to identify the most effective means, sites and targeting to maximise interaction with the target audience.

AI in digital creative

We use machine-learning technologies to create customised consumer experiences when interacting with a brand’s advertising message.

Use of modelling and forecasting methods