Enriching knowledge about the consumers of a brand or category

Thorough analysis of customers and segmentation

Studying the brand/category’s current customers, identifying the segments most valuable for the business, recommending adjusted media tactics to maximise returns on investment by correctly communicating with the segmented audiences.

Consumer journey

Consumer needs and behaviour analysis all the way from when a need for a product arises to purchasing. Identifying points of contact between customers and the product, stages and barriers the customers go through while trying to achieve their goals; evaluation of emotional and rational changes customers undergo when moving on to the next stage.

CRM segment analytics

Using the data received from telecom operators, fiscal data operators and internet holdings to enrich the profiles of CRM segments with information about lifestyles and media consumption. This allows for the creation of an optimised approach to interaction with the target audience using media and creative content.

Market research on an ad hoc basis

All forms of market research. Analysis of consumers, brand metrics, competitors, category, etc.

Meaningful brands

Based on HAVAS's global research, the system shows the strength of brands and interconnection with people’s welfare. Meaningful Brands measures the value brands add to people’s lives and evaluates the value in terms of its benefits for the business.

Оptimisation of purchasing quality and price